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Apr 20


did someone say…baseball


Apr 18


One is not like the other.

That last one though. :)

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myrandomplaylist → Cole Swindell | Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

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Apr 17


Budweiser’s 2013 Superbowl Commercial

Always reblog.

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I love that feeling you get when you don’t remember that you’re reading. When you’re so captured by a book that you forget you’re reading the words. All you see is the descriptions and conversations that being to play out like a movie in your head. You don’t even think about it. Then before you know it, you’ve read 100 pages without realizing it. That’s probably the best feeling in the world. 

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Apr 16

Is it weird that I love the way running sounds? Something about it is so soothing.

Apr 15

Eclipse lunar 2014


Eclipse lunar 2014

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